We know being a parent is one of the most rewarding challenges you will ever take on. In a world where life is made easier by being digitally connected, it has never been a more exciting time to break away. Komuns is ready to help you navigate through the fun times and challenges with practical tools to surround your family with real world experiences. We believe that by creating fun memories with our children today, we are helping them build a brighter tomorrow.

In creating Komuns, we are harnessing 10 years of experience from the Parenting Market. In 2005, we launched Sapos y Princesas in Spain where it quickly grew into a successful multimedia company. In Sapos y Princesas we provided local information about activities parents can share with their children and it became a brand recognized by parents as their own.

Komuns is bringing families together to enrich their bond and inspire parents to become leaders within their own community. We allow parents to discover great activities for kids in the city where they live and meet up with like minded parents.

Let’s get together and build Komuns, a community of parents in your city.

Unlike any other platform, Komuns is your family’s new digital concierge providing you with unforgettable family experiences.

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Have fun!